Welcome to my website! I am currently a PhD-student at the University of Amsterdam, at the department of psychological research methods (PsychoSystems Lab JolandaKossakowski-1Group). My research is focused on developing a system that assesses the risk for the onset of psychopathologies, and give guidelines to prevent it. We believe that the onset of psychopathologies like depression, occurs through what is called a critical transition: a discontinuous jump from one steady state (healthy mood) to another (depressed state). By analysing time-series data by means of a mean field approximation, we assess the risk that individuals may have in developing a depression. We also will develop a methodology with which we can accurately estimate a causal network based on the both observational and experimental data, where individual variables are manipulated.

This PhD-project is funded by Yield. My promoters are Lourens Waldorp and Han van der Maas.

Next to my main research, I am the coordinator of the PsychoSystems Data Analysis Center, and I maintain a web application with which users can perform network analysis with their own data without having to use statistical software like R.

Key interests: non-linear dynamics, network modeling, time-series data, psychopathology, control theory, causality, bifurcation theory, complex dynamical systems.

You can contact me via: J[dot]J[dot]Kossakowski[at]uva[dot]nl

Curriculum Vitae